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When it comes to selecting capsule filling machines supplier there are a number of key things to consider; reliability, knowledge, price and quality of products. Lodha International LLP is one of the leading capsule filling machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. For over 10 years, the company has delivered excellence in product and service to a wide variety of sectors across the globe.

Here is what you gain with Lodha International LLP

Specialist Capsule Filling Machine Supplier

we are experienced in manufacturing high quality capsule filling machines and supplying them to all over the world. There is nothing we don’t know about capsule filling machines– ask us anything!

Experienced Team

We are very blessed to have so many talented and dedicated professionals in our team. The culture we have as a business is one of the greatest assets we hold. Team at Lodha International LLP is efficient, passionate and dedicated to serve our customers in their best capabilities.

Cutting Edge Technology

We are leader in innovation and technology adoption in capsule filling machines manufacturing industry. Provide your customize specification and see our expertise.

Quality Guarantee

We follow are Indian and international standards while manufacturing capsule filling machines hence the quality of the products is guaranteed.

Competitively Priced

We have deployed efficient production system in all our manufacturing units hence the costs of the products are less compared to the market. Enquire here to find out how affordable our prices can be.

Fast and Flexible Delivery

We have in-house deliver team for local supply however as far as export is concern we have strong relationships with our logistic partners, meaning we can initiate your deliveries at very short notice.

Above are some of the details and points which we believe separate us from our competitors in capsule filing machines industry and make us the best choice for your supply partner. To know more about our range of products and pricing contact us today!