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Construction of Machine

Automatic Capsule Loading Machine used in combination with 300 holes manual capsule filling machine model to increase the production of capsules. Automatic Capsule loader fills the empty hard gelatin capsules into loading trays of manual capsule filling machine. The empty hard gelatin capsules loaded into the hopper of the loader get nested in vertical direction through the magazine into the loading tray automatically orienting the cap up and body down.

Automatic Capsule Loader has been ideal for medium to large scale pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic, Herbal products, R&D companies. Capsule Loader is simple to operate. The Automatic capsule loading machine is compact occupies minimum space. It provides higher production with accuracy.

  • The machine is completely controlled by means of a PLC with touch enabled human interface with a user friendly operable front end.
  • Automatic Capsule Loader machine is especially design for precision work in pharmaceutical companies.
  • Our LI - ACL model capsule loader do not require any maintenance and service cost.
  • Only regularly clean of machine is required after process done at the end of work.
  • Output : 36,000 capsules per/hour and more

Special Features

  • Low investment high output significant difference in your production department Simple to operate, can be handled by semi skilled person.
  • Suitable to fill all standard sized capsules with appropriate size change parts.
  • Easily removable parts.
  • Automatically stop process after loading is done.

Technical Specification:

  • Model No: LI - ACL
  • Drive 1/4 H.P, 3 Phase, 440 volts
  • Dimension length: 635 mm X 425 mm X 775 mm
  • Net Weight: 83 kilograms
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