Automatic Capsule Polishing Machine


Construction of Machine

Automatic Capsule Polishing Machine uses the rotating brush principle to clean the capsules on continuous basis. Capsules are fed into the polishing chamber where a rotating spiral brush removes the powder particles sticking from the outer surface of capsules. The polishing chamber is to be connected to a vacuum cleaner to suck the de-dusted powder from the polishing chamber. This helps improving the polishing quality of Capsules.

Salient Features

  • All contact parts with the capsules made from Stainless Steel 304 or 316 material.
  • The polishing chamber lined with nylon net.
  • The polishing chamber inclination can be adjusted to suit the formulation.
  • Provision of compressed air for cleaning the nylon brush.
  • No change parts are required for different size of capsules.
  • Easy to dismantle, wash and reassemble.
  • No maintenance is required for polishing machine except for periodic cleaning,
  • Compact size design, easy to shift and occupies minimum floor area.
  • Mounted on a stand with locking type wheels and can be freely moved about and taken to any place for putting it in operation.
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