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Lodha is well known Capsule Filling Machine manufacturer in India. We have a wide range of Encapsulation & Granulation equipment that addresses all concerned customer's requirements. We bring unparalleled expertise and quality compliance to the table. We hold the widest range of Capsule Filling Machines, Automatic Capsule Filling Machines and Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machines available to India, including everything from Encapsulation, Granulation, Inspection, Polishing, Printing, Counting, Capping and Labeling Equipments.

We, at Lodha, is a leading Capsule Filling Machine Exporter that has developed solutions to address the unique issues and operational requirements in an ever-expanding global pharmaceutical industry. Our equipment is designed for simplicity, economy, and reliability. Being the leading and cost-competitive Capsule Filling Machine Manufacturer we understand the challenges of our customers. Hence, all our products are designed in that manner where it can be maintained and serviced using local resources or skills. Less maintenance cost is always an added advantage when Lodha is supplying the capsule filling machine.

Being the best Capsule Filling Machine Exporter in India, we consistently work with our clients to improve the level of customer satisfaction. The feedback we get from clients is taken as input for our new design, services, etc. We treat each of our clients as special and equal. Be it international or national, quality compliance never gets compromised from our end. If you have any inquiries about any of our listed Capsule Filling Machines or Automatic Capsule Filling Machines or Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machines, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements further. One of our friendly sales executives will assist you with the specification and purchase process.

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Specialist Capsule Filling Machine Supplier

we are experienced in manufacturing high quality capsule filling machines and supplying them to all over the world. There is nothing we don't know about capsule filling machines - ask us anything!

Cutting Edge Technology

We are leader in innovation and technology adoption in capsule filling machines manufacturing industry. Provide your customize specification and see our expertise.

Experienced Team

We are very blessed to have so many talented and dedicated professionals in our team.

Quality Guarantee

We follow are Indian and international standards while manufacturing capsule filling machines hence the quality of the products is guaranteed.

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