About Us

Who Are We?

Lodha is a leader in manufacturing and exporting Capsule Filling Machine & complete Capsule Production line equipment for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Our headquarters and international distribution center are based in Ahmedabad, India. These two are also accompanied by our capsule machines manufacturing site and the state of the art research center.

Our Journey

Lodha was established in the year 2006 in Ahmedabad to serve the needs of local clientele in the pharmaceutical industry. Later, as we progressed and provided excellent machines and services to our clients, we expanded the area of operations and moved to an international level. With no compromise on quality, meeting delivery schedules and our commitments, we gradually become the number one capsule filling machine exporter from India. In the year 2010 our expertise in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, especially for capsule section machines, brought us to the next technology world. With the 14 years of rich industry experience, a number of leading international Pharmaceutical Companies count on us for technological knowledge, customized, and integrated solutions. Quality excellence has been one of the foundations of our success & continues to be a major key in our business portfolio.

Our Approach

Customer Integration and Innovative practices have kept us contemporary in a competitive market. We are able to keep pace with the changing requirements of the industry and offered a sustainable value proposition throughout. Our range of services like project management, after-sales support, and in house technical assistance makes us the preferred choice. Lodha has developed an exclusive service to the pharmaceutical packaging Industry through an uncommon system created by combining experience in both manufacturing and technical aspects.

Our Product Range

The wide range of product portfolio of Lodha includes Automatic Capsule Filling Machine, Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine, Automatic Capsule Polishing Machine, Automatic Capsule Printing Machine, Automatic Capsule Counting & Filling Machine, Capsule Conveying System, Empty Capsule Ejector, Manual Capsule Filling Machine, and Automatic Capsule Loader and allied Machinery & equipment. After gaining years of experience, we realized the need for granulation equipment among our valued customers. After careful evaluation of our expertise, we started manufacturing granulation equipment in 2010 to provide a complete capsule production line solution to the industry with the highest quality standards. Our range of granulation equipment includes Rapid Mixer Granulator, Double Cone Blender, Fluid Bed Dryer, Multi Mill, Vibro Sifter and Octagonal Blender.

Stay in Touch!

Being the leading capsule filling machine exporter in India we have always put extra emphasis on customer service and support. Our proactive approach has always made client communications on track. Apart from selling machines, we share our inputs to reduce the cost of operations, increase overall efficiency, and more whenever asked for. To discuss how our capsule filling machines could help your business, please contact our Sales Team.


All our equipment is certified complying with ISO 9001:2015, CE and cGMP requirements standards.

Moreover, we can also supply Certifications complying to Specific Rules of Countries Extra E.U. or U.S.A. ones.