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Capsule Filling Machine Manufacturer
  • Date : 11 Apr. 2019
  • Written By : Lodha International LLP

Capsule Filling Machine Manufacturer

Lodha International LLP is well known Capsule Filling Machine Manufacturer in India. We have a wide range of Encapsulation & Granulation equipment according to customer's requirements. We hold the widest range of Capsule Filling Machines, Automatic Capsule Filling Machines and Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machines available to India, including everything from Encapsulation, Granulation, Inspection, Polishing, Printing, Counting, Capping and Labeling Equipments. Our equipment is designed for simplicity, economy, and reliability.

Being Capsule Filling Machine Manufacturer we comprehend testing necessities of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, natural, ayurvedic and healthful ventures. We give the most recent scope of best Capsule Filling Machine in India which holds fast to current GMP necessities. We have a reasonable structure for our products which is all around acknowledged, conveys enduring execution, superior quality, and best services. Our company has been sponsored by a sound framework since our commencement. To guarantee streamlined tasks, we have separated our framework into different divisions. The manufacturing unit has all the required machinery vital for standardized tasks. The exceedingly experienced experts, who can viably work the propelled machinery that is introduced in our manufacturing unit, are procured by our group of human resource experts.


Special Features :

1.) PLC and Touch Screen controlled machine


2.) Item took care of powder as standard. Pellet and tablet encouraging gadgets discretionary


3.) Minimized, strong and fulfills cGMP guideline


4.) Fast and simple fill weight change


5.) Packing System for powders guarantees precise fill weight - the exactness of ± 2%


6.) Powder sensor keeps up a consistent dimension of powder in the dosing chamber


7.) Sound alarm on containers running low in the container


8.) Variable speed AC drive for the principle engine guarantees speed change


9.) Utilitarian plan for improved activity - giving exact outcomes with irrelevant dismissal


10.) Strong, effectively portable


11.) Effectively destroyed and reassembled even by incompetent work


12.) The brilliant money saving advantage proportion


Operations :

1. Fill stacking plate with empty capsules

2. Spot plate in the bed

3. Work cam handle to isolate capsules cap from the body

4. Spot powder plate in position, load up with the precise amount of powder and spread with a scraper

5. Work stick plate to pack cap and body

6. Expel plate and empty filled capsules


The Final Say!

We at Lodha International LLP as a leading Capsule Filling Machine Manufacturer have developed solutions to address the unique issues and operational requirements in an increasingly global pharmaceuticals industry. We are offering a wide range of Capsule Filling Machine in India. These machines are comparable to the best because of their outstanding features, both functional and mechanical. These machines are highly used in pharmaceutical industries for filling capsules of all sizes with powders, pellets or granules.

To get Capsule Filling Machine in India at the best price, contact our sales representative today!