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Capsule Filling Line Machines Suppliers
  • Date : 28 Mar. 2019
  • Written By : Lodha International LLP

Capsule Filling Line Machines Suppliers

Capsule Filling Line Machines is a group of equipment which works in line to perform complete encapsulation operations. We at Lodha International LLP, provides Filling Line that includes Capsule Filling Machine, Capsule Polishing Machine, Dust Extractor, Empty Capsule Ejector, Damage Capsule Sorter & Capsule Conveying System. After the Capsule Filler capsule travels through this equipment to perform various operations. It’s innovative design and precision manufacturing meets the requirement of cGMP. It is comparable to the best because of its outstanding features, both functional and mechanical. Capsule Filling Line Machines is the most ideal choice in Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machines and Granulation Line Machine available today. As the best essential Capsule Filling Machine Suppliers, Exporter and Manufacturer across the industry, With a firm commitment to the very best, we are concerned in providing a comprehensive ambit of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine for our useful customers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. There is a comprehensive demand for our product due to its comprehensive application.


Outstanding Features:

  • Loader gets disengaged automatically after one complete rotation of the loading ring.

  • Granulation Line Machine controlled the digital display of all operations.

  • Auger with four speeds to fill different type of powders & pellets.

  • Modified design of drug hopper reduces the time for dismantling and unloading of powder.

  • Auto-drug hopper in-feed mechanism reduces weight variations & improve productivity.


1. Automatic Capsule Polishing Machine

Consisting of a stainless steel chamber installed with filter cloth, a revolving variable speed spiral nylon brush stainless steel powder collector. The capsules travel from one end to other ends. During this travel, they are subjected to roll in between the nylon bristles and filter cloth. In this course, the powder on the capsules and at the edge is removed and sucked by the Dust Extractor. The Capsules coming out of the chute are thoroughly polished, shiny & clean.


  • Model No. - LI-CPM

  • Production Output - 90,000 capsules/hour

  • Power Supply - 1 H.P.

  • Electricals - 380/440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz

  • Overall Dimension - 915 mm X 356 mm X 915 mm

  • Net Weight - 65 Kilograms

  • Gross Weight - 100 Kilograms

2. Capsule Conveying System

Automatic Capsule conveying system convey filled capsules from Automatic Capsule Filling Machine to capsule polishing machine or elsewhere. It has a pump which sucks and conveys filled capsules, without interacting with human hands.


  • Model No. - LI-CT

  • Production Output - 48,000 capsules/hour

  • Power Supply - 2 H.P.

  • Electricals - 380/440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz

  • Overall Dimension - 635 mm X 500 mm X 1630 mm

  • Net Weight - 150 Kilograms Approx

  • Gross Weight - 185 Kilograms Approx

3. Empty Capsule Ejection

Empty Capsule Ejector works on the principle of airflow force. Filled capsules will fall straight towards the down level & Empty capsule will eject outside when airflow force is applied on the capsules, it's especially to sort out empty capsules from filled capsules. After Damage Capsule Sorter the capsules are feed to the Empty Capsule Ejection or Empty Capsule Sorter. The machine is designed to sort out empty capsules or partly filled capsules.


  • Model No. - LE-CE

  • Production Output - 90,000 capsules/hour

  • Electricals - Blower

  • Overall Dimension - 225 mm X 450 mm X 550 mm

  • Net Weight - 35 Kilograms Approx

  • Gross Weight - 50 Kilograms Approx

4. Dust Extractor

The Dust Extractor is used for collecting loose powder from the polishing through a dry vacuum.


  • Model No. - LDE

  • Vacuum Flow - 100 capsules/hour

  • Power Supply - 2 H.P

  • Electricals - 380/440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz

  • Overall Dimension - 580 mm X 465 mm X 1195 mm

  • Net Weight - 110 Kilograms

  • Gross Weight - 140 Kilograms


The Final Say!

As a leading Capsule Filling Machine Suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters, Lodha International LLP is noted as one of the well-known company in Ahmedabad. These machines are automatic and demanded their high efficiency, durability, and long functional life. These machines are highly used in pharmaceutical industries for filling capsules of all sizes with powders, pellets or granules. We are offering Automatic Capsule Filling Machine at unbeatable prices. These machines are offered by us in different specifications to suit the specific requirement of our clients. Feel free to call us for product catalog or pricing.